Supporting Indigenous Business growth

Last month saw the transportation of three micro-financed Mine Spec Light Vehicles to our client’s site in Karratha, further supporting the delivery of tangible assets for growing Indigenous business. In collaboration with our Suppliers and working to the needs of our client, Woodside Energy Ltd’s (Woodside) long term engagement with NEMMS JV is allowing opportunities such as these to exist and is an important piece of Indigenous business growth within the region.

NEMMS JV COO Derek Williamson says asset ownership offers significant advantages to start up indigenous businesses looking to endure in the mining industry, the micro-financing economic model is unlocking the benefits of economic participation in the mining industry beyond employment.

Jarrod Hayden of Goomarin JV, Milton Chapman of Mata Kurlu JV and Barbara Hayter of Thardu JV entered into this 3 year hire agreement with NEMMS JV and the vehicles have been placed on the Woodside site in Karratha.

Contracting and Procurement Advisor for Woodside’s Plant and Implementation Services, Tyrone Handley joined us at our haulage and freight partner Centurion Transport’s yard to see the vehicles on their way to site.

The transfer of our three light vehicles highlights our commitment to ensuring that Indigenous Businesses are provided increased opportunity to build sustainable businesses in a tough market.

Photo; Top Left- Two of the vehicles ready to go, Top right- NEMMS JV CEO Clinton Keenan, Woodside’s Tyrone Handley, Goomarin JV’s Jarrod Hayden, and NEMMS JV COO Derek Williamson. Bottom left- Tyrone Handley with Jarrod Hayden and the Goomarin JV Vehicle. Bottom right- Centurion Transport’s Steven Bray and Justin Kickett, NEMMS JV’s Peter Hines, Derek Williamson, Goomarin JV’s Jarrod Hayden, NEMMS JV’s Clinton Keenan and Woodside’s Tyrone Handley.