Sites celebrate

NAIDOC week was celebrated across all of NEMMS JV operations last week with all our site teams getting together, along with our clients to mark NAIDOC week. It was great to see our teams host their own events, attend client presentations and support our clients by assisting with the set up of their events.

Unpacking this year’s theme further we look at the “treaty” part of this year’s theme “Voice. Treaty. Truth.” “Treaty” points to the call for a Makarrata Commission to supervise treaty processes and truth-telling in the Uluru Statement from the heart. The word Makarrata comes from the Yolngu language and is the idea of two parties coming together after a struggle. As the website tells us “In the European settlement of Australia, there were no treaties, no formal settlements, no compacts. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people therefore did not cede sovereignty to our land… Australia is one of the few liberal democracies around the world which still does not have a treaty or treaties or some other kind of formal acknowledgement or arrangement with its Indigenous minorities. A substantive treaty has always been the primary aspiration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander movement.”

We will continue with our recognition this week with a tour of Kings Park for with our staff, clients and suppliers. We look forward to sharing some of our experiences with you.