Safety one day at a time – 5 Years Recordable Injury Free!

Our team at our Port Operations recently celebrated a magnificent 5 years recordable injury free.

This momentous achievement is the culmination of years of effort by all members of the team to drive a positive safety culture.

Superintendent Aaron Viney reflected on the journey that started with the team discussing goals. “We asked a simple question of our crews five years ago to raise their hands if they believed we could reach 1 year recordable injury free? At that time few people had the belief or the capacity to visualise how we could navigate such a long term goal. We then re framed the question, who believes we could get through the day injury free to which everyone raised their hand.”

Using this philosophy we approached safety one job at a time, one day at a time and through consistent planning, communication, effort and diligence achieved an impressive 1866 recordable injury free days!

NEMMS JV are proud of this record and more than just statistics it embodies our passion for keeping our people safe as we deliver our clients’ needs.

Across our sites our whole leadership team demonstrate our values and behaviours modelling our commitment to living our values and building our safety culture.

Well done team!


Photo shows Operations Supervisor Karl Adonis presenting Graeme Treacher with his Survival First Aid Kit, with Glenn Bennet and Michael Callins.