RAP Conference comes to Perth

Last month NEMMS JV’s Indigenous Business Team attended the 2019 RAP Conference in Perth. The venue was packed with 400 people coming along to share their RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) stories. NEMMS JV are proud to be one of the 1200 companies and organisations with a Reconciliation Action Plan through the national organisation of Reconciliation Australia.

As well as some interesting keynote speakers, it was great to hear about individual companies and their journeys to their current plans highlighting their achievements and the hurdles they have overcome.

From the two-day conference, we took away learnings about the value and varying methods of measuring the impact of our plan from efforts to track activities to more in depth measurements of the outcomes and impact of those activities.

It gives us motivation to continue to work on our second RAP which is currently in draft and going through the endorsement process. We look forward to sharing our new RAP and taking positive steps to actively engage towards reconciliation.