Operation Reparation

At the end of March our teams in the Karratha region were on red alert waiting for Cyclone Veronica to hit land.

Our Dampier and Cape teams were there to provide much needed assistance to our client, in preparation for cyclonic winds and rain. NEMMS JV teams assisted with cleaning out water inundation, earthworks to direct water on site, preparation of fixed and mobile equipment and buildings to minimise damage and ensure a speedy return to operations for all.

Once our sites were back up and running there was work to be done to help the local community clean up the debris left in Veronica’s path.

A team from NEMMS JV coordinated by Aaron Viney and Karl Adonis including Russell Kimber, Fred Fatu, Steve Taylor, Daly Bushell, Alan Gawthorne, Christian Leder, Wayne Saunderson and Darren Jackson were out helping to remove fallen trees and assist the community in removal of debris, fallen trees and waste from their properties.

A joint community initiative coordinated by NEMMS JV, City of Karratha and our client with the load spread across the wider Karratha area with other contracting groups working together to get the local area back to normal. For NEMMS JV, this situation is a seasonal risk associated with working in this area. We were pleased that our teams were well placed to not only prepare effectively but to actively assist in a smooth transition back to daily life.