NAIDOC wrap up

Last week was a busy one with all of our sites celebrating NAIDOC week. We would love to share some of the stories with you. Each site, coupled with a few of our clients took the opportunity to have a chat as they met for a barbecue. This year’s NAIDOC week theme was “Because of her, we can!” and to that end our teams discussed strong indigenous females in their lives. Over at our Dampier site, it started with a share about NEMMS JV Director and Nyiyaparli Traditional Owner, Sue Bung and her journey to where she is today. Project Manager, Jason Gore discussed her commitment to making a difference for her family and the Nyiyaparli people, including her vision to set-up community heritage programs from the office that they have procured out of Newman, and her commitment to the several boards that she sits on.

NEMMS JV’s Ken Lee told of his mother being a strong mentor in his life, and her ability to show him how to track Goanna’s in the bush has left a lasting impression on him. Another NEMMS JV employee Pafetai shared a story about his Mum leaving the Island life and moving to the mainland (QLD) and how she bought a car, but chose to walk 5km to work each day as she wanted to be connected with nature, and loved to work hard. He remembers his mother instilling this hard work spirit to him and his siblings.

We found that NAIDOC week was a great opportunity to bring our staff together and to share our experiences.

Back down in Perth NEMMS JV took some of our clients on a ‘Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours & Experiences’ City Tour. This tour around Elizabeth Quay gave all involved an insight into the life of Perth before European arrival to today. Our guide Walter Maguire shared stories and opened up to us about life for himself and the Noongar people in this area making us think about how the urbanisation of Perth has affected the Traditional Owners of this land.

Our Perth staff enjoyed a barbecue lunch on Friday with Indigenous Business Manager and Goomarin JV partner Jarrod Hayden leading the conversation educating staff on the meaning and relevance of NAIDOC week and the importance of this year’s theme, sharing the history of women in his life.

As discussed in our last post every staff member was given a special edition NAIDOC polo shirt and it was great to see all our teams enjoying the NAIDOC week events.