Innovation on display

NEMMS JV’s Indigenous Business Manager Jarrod Hayden traveled to Kalgoorlie earlier this month with Chatfield Engineering’s Dustin and Lisa McCreery to display the Precision Direct Seeder (PDS) to the Goldfields Environmental Management Group Conference.

NEMMS JV Director Derek Williamson collaborated with Chatfield Engineering’s Dustin McCreery on further development of Chatfield Engineering’s existing ReGenerator design. The PDS incorporates a number of engineered solutions to improve seed metering of multi species seed mixes on waste dump slope angles up to 20 degrees and breaks new ground in its ability to place these seed mixes precisely where they need to be to maximise germination and survivability rates. The precision placement of seed utilising the PDS is currently undergoing extensive nursery pot and field trial validation.

This project was born from a desire to investigate and develop improved rehabilitation techniques for hostile, disturbed landforms. Rehabilitation has always been an area of interest to the Bung family.
“The mining of natural resources extends significant economic benefits to broad sections of the community. As traditional custodians of land we are supportive of resource development but are saddened when we see our ancestor’s country disturbed. That’s why we see Rehabilitation works as a natural fit for our business – as traditional custodians we can repair our country and provide skills and jobs for our people.” Bruce Bung, Nyiyaparli Traditional Owner and NEMMS Director.