From little things, big things grow

Following on in our Plant and Equipment series, we are turning the spotlight on five water carts which have recently been mobilised to a number of our Pilbara sites.  Water carts are in use across all of our sites, assisting in the control of dust, re-vegetation of rehabilitated land, assist in materials handling activities and supporting the large water requirements of remote processing infrastructure.

Whilst water carts are often overlooked, we proudly use these moving billboards to display the logos of our venture partnerships and further spread the stories behind them. Each joint venture partner brings with them their story and their connection to their country which drives a strong vision for their business. With their story comes the personal, professional  and community aspirations behind embarking on a business partnership. We are proud to disseminate the stories of our Traditional owners through each site that we work on, cementing the partnerships that our clients seek by supporting us.

The photos above show our NEMMS JV branded water carts. Our NEMMS JV Traditional Owners are 3 siblings who started with a very simple goal to purchase homes on country. Over the years their business success has allowed them to also purchase assets connected to the business, developed their own business acumen and between them sit on multiple boards where they are able to use their experiences to further the goals of the organisations they are passionate about. They role model a journey to our other partners who are at the beginning of theirs and teach us how to navigate through the many hurdles and triumphs associated with any new business in the the resources sector.