Expanding Indigenous Business Opportunities

At NEMMS JV our Indigenous Business Strategy is an integral part of our company’s development and growth. Our Indigenous Business Manager, in collaboration with our Procurement Superintendent, Peter Hines, drives our engagement with Indigenous Suppliers and the development of Indigenous Businesses across our key supplier categories. The expansion of this area is important to NEMMS JV and is echoed in our targets within the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan. We strive to push ourselves to constant improvement by ensuring we support supplier diversity and by building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous organisations. This is also important to our clients and they see NEMMS JV as a consistent leader in this area.

In a recent deployment of new Mine spec Light Vehicle’s to one of our sites we engaged Corsign, an Indigenous signwriting business who branded the vehicles before they left for site.
Centurion Transport our haulage and freight partner has a strong Indigenous Procurement strategy led by General Manager, Business Development, Steven Bray and Indigenous Affairs Manager, Justin Kickett.

Justin said “Centurion Transport has made a serious commitment to Indigenous engagement, one which we do not take lightly. With the recent acquisition of Triton Transport we have also inherited a number of Indigenous businesses and their engagement. We want to ensure we provide these businesses with a strong sense of support, guidance and development.
Recently we assisted NEMMS JV and transported three of their vehicles to the Pilbara. We ensured all vehicles were delivered to Karratha without any problems. Centurion is proud to be associated with NEMMS JV as they service their Indigenous business clients, further ensuring the growth and development of Indigenous businesses and people.”

Photo; Top Left- Corsign’s Chetan Pindolia branding the vehicles. Top Right and Bottom Left- The vehicles ready for transportation. Bottom Right- Centurion’s General Manager, Business Development, Steven Bray and Indigenous Affairs Manager, Justin Kickett with the NEMMS JV Team, COO Derek Williamson, CEO Clinton Keenan, Goomarin JV Director Jarrod Hayden, Procurement Superintendent Peter Hines.