Celebrating our People

This week we would like to highlight the milestones met by some of our NEMMS JV employees at our Dampier site. Three gentleman have celebrated 5 years with our company over the last few months and we would like to recognise this achievement and thank them for their hard work. NEMMS JV Superintendent Aaron Viney shared their stories with us.

Steve has been with us for 5 years and was presented with a watch and certificate and commended on his great safety record and work ethic. He is always willing to get in and complete the jobs others tend to shy away from with no complaint and has proven to be a real team player over the years. He is an avid supporter of the Richmond Tigers Football club and loves his footy so we ensured he received a Yellow and Black CAT watch to commemorate 5 years of service and dedication to his profession.

Jean-Paul has just recently left the business but not before chalking up 5 years at the project.
Johnny, as he likes to be called, was a member of the maintenance team who really led the way in safety compliance and was held in very high regard at NEMMS JV and with our client for being passionate about going home safe every day. His work ethic and passion for his profession was evident in the way he conducted himself every day and time with his family was the key driver to his attention to detail on safety. We wish him the best for the future.

Matt was celebrated for his 5 years of service with the project after starting with us in April 2013. He was particularly recognised for his commitment to improving safety for not only himself but all people on site with the various improvements and hazard identification out in the field. He is currently the leader in spinning our positive recognition wheel being rewarded 3 times for exemplary safety behaviours with prizes such as a ride on an iron ore train and an audience with the client leadership over a cup of tea in Dampier. Well done Matt and thanks for your contribution.

At NEMMS JV we are proud to recognise committed staff who consistently exhibit a positive work ethic that reflect our company values. Building a positive work culture is important as our business grows and we look to our long term staff to disseminate our core values through demonstrating positive behaviors in their actions everyday.