Celebrating NAIDOC Week

Our NAIDOC week site events began with our Telfer crew being the first to celebrate with a staff barbeque on Sunday. Followed by our other sites over the last few days. It has been a great opportunity to bring our staff together in a more informal setting to have a chat and to receive our special edition NAIDOC week polo shirts. The shirt design is inspired by a painting by Traditional Owner and NEMMS JV Director Sue Bung. Sue is passionate about communicating her story and every part of her painting conveys a message. On the shirt we can see the tracks showing tribes looking for honey ants. The circles show the groups gathering together for a feed after their search. Every track and every element of the painting tells a story and communicates a history.

The shirts have been a great way to start a conversation with their interesting design steeped in meaning reminding us of the land in which we live and work.

NEMMS JV are proud to offer NAIDOC events at all our sites this year as we raise the profile of significant dates in the calendar which allow us to continue on our journey to reconciliation. We are halfway through our first two year Reconciliation Action Plan and we are encouraged as we raise awareness amongst our staff of the issues still faced by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues.

NEMMS JV’s CEO and Indigenous Business Manager travelled to Punmu at the start of the week to meet with our Joint Venture Partner Milton Chapman of Mata Kurlu JV at the Ngurra Kujungka Festival and we will share their stories in upcoming posts.

Members of the Perth office took a group of our clients out for a ‘Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours and Experiences’ city tour yesterday which was an amazing experience discovering the rich history of the land where our city is built.

In the Perth Office we are looking forward to rounding off the week with our lunch today. Next week we will review all our events and look to how we can improve and build year to year ensuring that we connect with our staff in more meaningful ways. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Photo: Telfer crew enjoying their NAIDOC event