Celebrating community

CEO Clinton Keenan and Indigenous Business Manager Jarrod Hayden traveled to Punmu during NAIDOC week for the Martu Youth Festival. The annual Martu Youth Festival is a new initiative as directed by the Ngurra Kujungka Council (including Punmu delegate Milton Chapman) to focus on the talented Martu youth to not only provide football and softball competitions in the Western Desert but pathway opportunities with various sporting organisations like the Naitanui Academy/West Coast Eagles, WA Football Commission, Swan Districts Football Club and Softball WA. The festival also included junior basketball, music workshops and concerts.

Mata Kurlu JV director and Traditional Owner, Milton Chapman was pleased to see the Punmu football teams out on the field during the festival. Milton sponsored the football shirts and was cheering both the male and female teams on from the sidelines. In an exciting first for the festival, this year saw the inclusion of all female teams competing.

Milton also took the opportunity to hand out Mata Kurlu JV blankets which was an initiative that came out of the NEMMS JV Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working group meeting back in April. The meeting brought all of our Joint Venture Partners together to discuss and plan the implementation of our RAP across our operations. The blankets were commissioned as part of our National Reconciliation Week projects and all of our JV partners were able to support the purchase of blankets to go out to members of the community. You can find information about the meeting and those initiatives in earlier blog posts.

Community involvement is an important part of Mata Kurlu JV’s development. Engaging with the community forms our company Mission to enable people, communities and places to aspire to their greatest potential. As Milton and Mata Kurlu JV move forward our goal is to give back to the Martu people, enabling employment and business opportunities. This allows Martu to remain strong in lore, culture and social responsibilities but also participate in the wider economic opportunities that are available to the Martu community. Jarrod said the trip “was a great opportunity to connect with Milton, his family and community and to see the whole community come together to support their young people.”

We look forward to getting involved with other events such as these to support our partners who in turn are able to support their communities.

Photo; Milton Chapman handing out blankets, both the men’s and women’s Punmu Bulldogs Football teams at the festival